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5040 Series High Volume Rim Clamp® Tire Changer

# Clamps wheels externally up to 21 inches.

# Conveniently-placed foot pedals that give you precise control over every step of the changing process.

# Provides protection for wheels at every step of the process.

# Optional bead loosener socks, clamp booties and lift tool protection prevent metal-to-metal contact that causes scratching or marring.

# Air Drive System - Ascot No. 443-50400 | Electric Drive System - Ascot No. 443-50401


Single-Stage Center-Post Tire Changer

# Represents the most tried-and-true technology in the business.

# Featuring single-stage operation.

# All operations - bead loosening, demounting, mount, and inflation - are performed in the same position.

# Equipped with 7.5-gallon surge tank, 50% larger than competitive models.

# Features a contoured tabletop for proper rim support and state-of-the-art components for quality performance.

# Ascot No. 442-04050



Coats Pro Guard High Performance Tire Changer

# Leverless Power Duckhead®: The leverless design replaces traditional tire tools that can mar wheel surfaces due to application difficulties or operator error.

# Built-In Adjustable Wheel Lift: The wheel lift places the tire on the pedestal with the push of pedal, reducing operator fatigue.

# Protective Pedestal & Center Lock Design: Lock the wheel into place at its stringest point, while protecting both conventional and reverse mount wheels.

# Roboarm® Helper Device: Effortlessly keeps the top bead of even the most stubborn tires in the drop center during the mounting process.

# Ascot No. 443-85606


VERO SERIES™ V200: High Volume, Premium Wheel Balancer

# High Volume, Direct Drive Wheel Balancer: Ships and remains calibrated to zero.

# Industrial Touchscreen: "Error-prevention" interface and progressive guided operations.

# "No Touch" Interface: for clip/clip and clip/tape balances (approximately 85% of balances).

# Enhanced Residual Imbalance Minimization: Delivers a more accurate balance.

# Integrated Laser Guided Weight Placement™ for "pinpoint" accuracy.

# Note: Adapter set not included.

# Ascot No. 481-00200



Economy Balancer

# Ideal balancer for cost-conscious shops and service stations performing fewer than 20 balancing jobs per day.

# Handles standard OEM tires up to 40" diameter and 100lbs.

# Digital readouts and data entry.

# Ten balancing modes: dynamic, alloy and static-ensure accuracy.

# Cycle time is just 10 seconds.

# Note: Adapter set not included.

# 110V, 1PH

# Ascot No. 481-00775



70X Series Rim Clamp Tire Changers

# With complete robotics and exclusive Rim Clamp® for run-flat tire changing speed and power..

# Robotic arm used to assist in top bead mounting of stiff sidewall, low profile and run-flat tires.

# Manual bead roller used to assist in holding the tire bead down to lube both the tire and wheel.

# Robotic arm used to hold tires in the up position to reduce the effort in second bead removal.

# Handles up to 22" wheels clamping with option for 24" wheels.

# Also available in electric versions.

# Ascot No. 443-70183

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Product Spotlight  
  1" Drive Heavy Duty Air Impact Wrench  
Perfect for the demanding world of truck tire and service work.

Combines exceptional power, durability and operator convenience.

360 degree swivel inlet.

6" extended anvil.

Delivers 1,450 ft./lbs. of maximum torque with a 5,000 RPM free speed and four-psotion power regulator.

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Product Spotlight  
  SMART Tire Cart  
"Patent Pending."

Works on passgener 15in tires up to truck size 245/70R19.5 tires.

Moves mounted tiresl and wheel sets.

Stacks tires closer together than other carts which creates more storage space.

Great for loading and unloading trucks and containers.

No foot pedals.

Patented tilting action relieves stress off the user.

New push/pull system pushes the tires out of the SMART Cart arms without stress.

Fewer moving parts. Easy to assemble.

Ascot No. 703-47147

Product Spotlight  
  Winntec Tire Dolly  
500lbs. capacity allows for use on all commerical truck tire sizes.

Steel frame is more durable than Aluminum units.

Longer rollers makes it even easier to handle super single sizes.

Wheel position allow tech to lift tire/wheel assembly by pushing down, instead of lifting up.

O-LINE-ER and Bracket included with new production models!

Ascot No. 407-47105

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