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Easy Stacker #94100 - How to stack large truck tires with new forklift equipment attachment

The Easy Stacker tire handler installs on forklifts to allow for fast and safe maneuverability.

American Forge & Foundry

Heavy-Duty Floor Jacks

Heavy gauge steel, double pumper technology, and upgraded seals are just some of the features that make AFF floor jacks durable..

Truck Axle Jacks

The AFF single stage axle jacks feature a specially engineered air motor for easy lifting and a self-retracting spring return. Its heavy-duty design is ideal for truck and trailer shops, rail and bus work, and roadside service calls.

Air Assist Bottle Jacks

Air assist bottle jacks made to exacting standards to provide countless lifting solutions in heavy-duty trucks, farm equipment, construction, and other heavy-duty lifting applications.

Ascot Supply

Wheel Stud Service Kit

Wheel Stud Thumb Nail.png

A quick look at the wheel stud service kit. *Disclaimer the video demonstrates a similar product to ours but is not ascot branded.
Ascot No. 493-91420

Wheel Stud Installer Tutorial

A quick look at a wheel stud installer. This simple, clever tool is designed to help you install replacement wheel studs. 
Ascot No. 492-14916 Passenger Wheel Stud Installer and
Ascot No. 492-02278 Truck Wheel Stud Installer


Split Beam Torque Wrench

A quick look at our split beam torque wrench. Advanced technology allows for maximum efficiency. 
Ascot No. 168-00600

Ascot No. 168-00250

Flex Hinge Style Torque Wrench

A quick look at the durable Flex Hinge Style Torque Wrench. The large break angle improves accuracy by reducing the possibility of over torquing.
Ascot No. 168-60012



Shown with optional Pro Sonar Run-out 8-21100250

CORGHI EM9780C Plus AutomaticLine WiNUT - Wheel Balancer

Shown with optional TT80 wheel lift 8-21100161


Counteract Balancing Beads Introduction Video

Learn about the benefits, use, and installation of Counteract Balancing Beads. 

Ascot No. 451-00203

Camera INSIDE a tire with Counteract Balancing Beads

Have you ever wanted to see how balancing beads work? Ever wonder what's happening inside the tire? Wonder no more!

Counteract Wheel Centering Sleeves

A Counteract Centering Sleeve is a patent pending wheel centering system that works in conjunction with your OEM style two-piece flange nuts.

Ascot No. 491-02006

Counteract's Commercial Wheel Cleaning Kit Part # STK-WMK

Counteract's Commercial Wheel Cleaning kit is designed to clean hub piloted commercial wheel applications.

Counteract Automotive Wheel Cleaning Kit

Counteract Automotive Wheel Cleaning Kit provide all the tools needed to efficiently clean all threaded and mating surfaces of an automotive wheel and hub, all in one place.

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Gaither Off Road Kit

A kit that’s essential for those off-road enthusiasts who like to get dirty as well as the those that want the peace of mind of having the right tools for any encounter.

GT FORCE Wheel Weight Tool

Gone are the days of using a hammer to apply and remove clip-on wheel weights! The GT Force tool looks like a baton, with one hooked ‘removal’ end, and the other notched ‘applicator’ end equipped with a magnet. Simply pop the weights on, or gently pull them off.

Fast Lock Jack Block Y450350

The Fast Lock Jack Block is the ultimate solution for transforming your floor jack quickly into a secure jack stand. It extends 217mm (8.54″) to 342mm (13.88″) and is equipped with a spring release for easy positioning. A must have for quickly and safely supporting all kinds of vehicles.

TRAC Tire Jack Tool With Roller Attachment

Haltec Corporation

Haltec T-620 Manual Super Large Bore Valve Assembly Tool

This assembly tool gives you the ability to customize Super Large Bore valve extensions in the field. Flexible extensions can be made in any length to fit a wheel configuration.

SLBHAT Super Large Bore Hydraulic Valve Assembly Tool

This tool is used to assemble Super Large bore flexible valves, and uses hydraulic power supplied by an air hydraulic pump.

N 1410

89XDA Automatic Tire Inflator

The 89XDA is ideal for vehicle service centers, auto dealerships and rental facilities. It features a tough, weatherproof enclosure, inflates and deflates automatically, and is accurate to within .3 psi.

Haltec DS-1 Double Seal Cap

Video demonstration outlining the advantages of Haltec's DS-1 Double Seal Valve cap.

Haltec IN-95 Inflator Adapter

IN-95 Inflator Adapter for air or liquid filling of large Earthmover tires when equipped with Super Large Bore, Z-Bore or Mega Bore valve stems.

Haltec Super Large Bore Assembly Tool SLBHAT

A quick look at the SLBHAT,  Haltec's tool used to assemble super large bore flexible valves at the mine or in the field.

5-IN-1 Gauge ATG9755 - Multi Functional Inspection tool for Hub Piloted Wheel End Components

A quick look at the ATG9755 5-IN-1 Gauge - Multi-Functional Inspect Tool for Hub Piloted Wheel End Components,

Rim Wit - A solution for seized rims

Induction Innovations

Induction Innovations Overview

Mini-Ductor® Venom® HP 

A quick look at the  Mini Ductor® Venom® HP, the highest-powered

Mini-Ductor available. 
Ascot No. 319-00787


Mini-Ductor® Venom® Overview for Automotive Repairs

A quick look at the Mini-Ductor Venom, which generates Invisible Heat® to release metals from corrosion and thread lock compounds without the dangers of an open flame.

Ascot No. 319-00777

Mini-Ductor® Venom®: Handheld Induction Heater Animated Product Overview

Another look at the the Venom, a flameless & portable induction heater that provides fast, safe and damage-free removal of seized nuts, bolts, graphics and more.

Ascot No. 319-00777

How to Properly Use and Maintain
Induction Heating Coils

Induction heating coils are critical elements in the process of releasing rusted or seized hardware so proper care of them is important. Here are some tips for how to properly use and maintain them for the best results.

Inductor® Series Product Line Overview

An overview of Induction Innovations' 2000W Inductor® Series product line. Using high-frequency magnetic fields to quickly heat metal to provide fast, consistent heat to ferrous metals.

Inductor® Series Tutorial on Auto Glass and Bedliners

A quick look at the The Inductor® Series, which uses high-frequency magnetic fields to quickly heat metal to provide fast, consistent heat to electrically conductive materials.
Ascot No. 319-02011

Auto Glass, Windshield & Bedliner Removal with the Inductor® Pro-Max and Glass Blaster

Remove auto glass from outside the vehicle in minutes with no need to remove the interior trim with induction heat.
Ascot No. 319-20311

Ingersoll Rand

20V 1" Cordless Impact Wrench - W9691/W9491

The Ingersoll Rand 1” cordless impact wrench combines the power of air with the freedom of cordless mobility.

2236QTiMAX 1/2" Pneumatic Impact Wrench

The Ingersoll Rand® 2236QTiMAX ½” pneumatic impact wrench comes equipped with an interchangeable anvil system that lets technicians tailor their tool to whatever job they’re up against.

Martins Industries

Martins Industries – Magnum+ Balancing Beads

Martins Industries provides an alternative to wheel weights with Magnum+ Balancing Beads – made of tempered glass – which provide an internal, dynamic balance.


How to Use a Breakback Torque Wrench

Logo - Plombco v2 Coul grand.jpg

Introducing the new PLASTEEL

Rema Tip Top
REMA-TIP-TOP-Nail-Hole-Repair-Procedures-Wall-Chart-v7 FINAL.png

Two Piece Repair Products


Minicombi Tire Repair Products

Rema Tip Top Cement Application


Tire Safety Starts with Proper Tire Repair




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Your one source for quality brand name equipment, tools and supplies for the tire industry.

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