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  •  24 Teeth 

  • Torque Accuracy is +/- 4%

  • Industrial application with durability Ideal for heavy duty area.

  • Can be split and packed in two parts for a smaller, easier to transport package

  • Lockable Blow Molded Case

168-47501 New.png

Ascot No. 168-47502 


brake thickness gauge

 Brake Thickness Gauge
Ascot No. 411-03218
• • Quickly and easily determine the remaining thickness of a vehicle’s brake pads without removing any wheel components
• Color coded gauge determines if the brake pads need to be replaced
• Allows the user to measure the distance between the backing plate and the brake disc to quick
ly identify service levels
• On the gauge, the colors correspond with the brake pad thickness readings:
- 11mm or more - Green, no replacement necessary
- 8mm to 10mm - Yellow, suggest replacement soon
- 0mm to 8mm - Red, recommend replacement

• User is able to measure distance with one motion of aligning the gauge and press to measure
• Compact design with clip to be easily carried and stored



COB Rechargeable work light w/usb

COB rechargeable work light w/ usb cable
Ascot No. 312-03007
• 400LM brightness
• Features a hook on lamp head and base with magnet for hands-free operation
• WORKING TIME: Approx. 2.5 hrs.
• CHARGING TIME: Approx. 4 hrs.


Maxi TPMS Wifi/Sensor Kit
W/ 12 Sensors

Maxi TPMS Wifi/Sensor Kit W/ 12 Sensors
Ascot No. 469-51812
• The MaxiTPMS® TS508 is a new generation TPMS diagnostic & service tool specially designed to activate all known TPMS sensors, read TPMS sensor status, check TPMS system health condition, program MX-sensor status, check TPMS system health condition, program MX-sensors and conduct TPMS relearn
• With quick mode and advanced mode options, you can save time and energy by choosing the most suitable way to complete TPMS work
• Update via Wifi
Kit contents:


469-51812 edit.png

•  TS508 Wifi TPMS tool
• 12 MX-sensors w/ rubber stems
• 4 Metal valve stems
• OBDII cord

•  Charging cord
• Magnet
• User Manual
• Blow molded case

Stubby Head
Combination Wrenches

9/16” Stubby Head
Combination Wrench

Ascot No. 313-00916

5/8” Stubby Head Combination Wrench

Ascot No. 313-00058

• Needs as little as 5 degrees to move a fastener
• 180 degree flex action head that allows access into the tightest applications
• Short pattern along with the slim head and body allow the stubby
wrenches into places where no other wrench will work
• 12 point ratchet ring
• Enhanced open end design that prevents fastener rounding
• Size stamped on wrench for ease of identification
ideal for use with TR540-550 & TR570 series clamp-in tire valves

313-00916, 313-00058


LED Rechargeable Pen Light

LED Rechargeable
Pen Light
Ascot No. 312-07179
 Aluminum pen light with laser and UV light
• Top UV light, wavelength: 365NM
• Side 5W COB FLOODLIGHT: 450 lumen
• Tail light: 3W SPOTLIGHT white LED lumen + red laser light
• Power source:
rechargeable Li-ion battery
• Includes: 50cm USB-C cable
• Charging time: 3 hours
• Run time: COB 2.5 h, whit
e spotlight: 2.5 hours
• 120° rotating metal clip with strong magnet
• Dimming switch with battery indication


wheel stud

wheel stud


LED Rechargeable Head Light

LED Rechargable
Head Light
Ascot No. 312-39001
Material: :ABS+Silicone
• LED: COB +3W led
• Battery:1200mAh Li-poly Battery(can be replaced)
• Function: COB high-COB low-3W led high-3W led low-COB flashing
• Press sensor switch, sensing function.
• Brightness: COB:200lumen, 3W led:120lumen
• USB Type-C cable (Included)
• Charging time: 3-4hours
• Working time: 3-8hours
• Waterproof & shockproof


441-00220_ch-22_manual tire changer_edit.png

CH-22 Manual

Tire Changer

CH-22 Manual Tire Changer
Ascot No. 441-00220
• Applications: For changing small tires and wheels
• Includes: Everything needed to change 4" to 16.5" tires including rim
• Rim clamp mechanism
• 2 center posts (for open or hub type wheels and bearing type wheels)
• Can be mounted on a bench, tire stand, or tire changer


497-11800, 497-11801

Murphy’s Black

Tire Paint

Murphy’s Black Tire Paint
– 5-Gallon Pail

Ascot No. 497-11800

– 55-Gallon Pail
Ascot No. 497-11801

Ready to Use - No dilution needed
• Easy to apply in tire paint machines or by brush
• Quick drying
• Matte black finish
• Superior hiding ability over wax or chalk markings
• Water-base for easy cleanup

497-11800 497-11801.png

½” Drive Heavy Duty

Air Impact Wrench

½” Drive Heavy Duty
Air Impact Wrench

Ascot No. 153-77412     
3 power settings in forward providing more control over different applications
• Less heat transfer between the motor and the handle is provided thanks to its composite handle
• Lightweight & compact at 5.18 lbs. and 9.65 inches thanks to its aluminum clutch housing and composite handle
• 715 Ft./Lbs. of max torque in reverse
• 509 Ft./Lbs. of max torque in forward
• 10,000 RPM free speed

153-77412_CP7741-2_Impact Wrench.png





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